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The Planetary Assembly

-Approximately 20,000 members

-Meets in stadiums around the world (approximately 500 stadiums seat 20,000+)

-Elected via internet, in Real-Time Democracy (also called "Approval Voting")

-Each citizen registers their vote for a specific delegate online

-Threshold for election is 400,000 (because 8,000,000,000 divided by 20,000 = 400,000)

-Whenever a delegate reaches 400,000 votes, they are considered elected

-Citizens can withdraw or change their vote at any time

-Whenever a delegate's approval falls below 400,000 they are dis-elected


Real-Time Democracy is the process for electing Assembly at the Levels of Planetary and Eco-Region. For the other 3 Levels (City, Township, and Village), Assembly includes everyone who shows up to the meeting (there is no "election" for Assembly at sub-Regional levels.)


Purpose of Assembly:

-To illuminate issues that matter to people across the world.

-To give voice to diverse groups - bringing their concerns to the global stage.

-To inform the Council of what problems need deliberation.

-To satisfy human urges for celebrity-worship.  Most members will be celebrities, elected for glamour and popularity - while leaving the serious deliberations of governance to the professionals (Council).

-Assembly is only an advisory body.  True decision-making authority belongs to Council.

It's safer this way, because:

-Council is smaller, and can have real conversations

-Internet voting can be hacked, but Land-Based Successive Delegation (LBSD), (the Council-election process - i.e. Villages -> Townships -> Cities, etc.) relies on no computers

-LBSD filters out ignorance and demagoguery, sending only the wisest people up the ladder at each level

-LBSD involves a meditative, sacred process, more intimately connected to the Earth.


Planetary Senate

One member appointed by each existing nation-state (approximately 196).


-Providing nation-states a forum to discuss their issues and keep the planet's peace

-Brokering Arms-Reduction treaties (dismantling weapons)

-Coordinating the planetization of military forces and hardware (transferring it from nations to the Planetary Protectorate, until the Protectorate is the world's preeminent military force).  The ratio should be 10 reduction for every 1 planetization.  

-The Senate also advises the High Council, but the latter has final authority.

-In essence, the Senate keeps the old system stable, to prevent chaos, while simultaneously ushering in the new system.  

Senate, like all the branches, is reiterated at each of the 5 Levels:

-At the City level, Senators are appointed by existing city/county/municipal governments.

-At the Township level, Senators are appointed by existing township/municipal governments

-At the Village level, Senators are appointed by existing neighborhood associations (if they exist).

If there is no existing government at a particular level, then there does not need to be a Senate at that level. 


At any level, once the Protectorate has enough power at that level, and the transition to the new system is complete, the Senate may disband, reducing government from 5 Branches to 4.

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