1.  Nuclear

2.  Biotechnology

3.  Artificial Intelligence

4.  Particle accelerators


As the legitimate government of the planet (due to its recognition of the planet's law), the Planetary Protectorate has the authority to take legal custody over any and all technology that endangers the free and stable continuity of Life on Earth.

This includes:

all nuclear technology

all biotechnology involving infectious diseases

all biotechnology involving direct genetic modification

all artificial intelligence

all particle accelerators

all laboratories and key equipment used in the development of new technology in the above categories.


This authority shall be exercised through the Planetary Department of Technology.

Also has the authority to safeguard infrastructure indispensable to the functioning of civilization - public utilities.

Internet is a public utility because..

We have the right to self-defense, and if tech threatens us and our planet, then defeating it fall under this right.

Scientists and inventors are certainly clever, but not necessarily wise.  And if they're not wise, then we must not be afraid to tell them "no" when they endanger us and our planet.  We have the right to defend ourselves.

"You're going to confiscate property?"

This right supersedes any right to property, because if technology goes out of control, there won't be any people left to conceptualize property.  If the property concept interferes with our right to defend our world from technology run amok,  then the property concept is destructive to its own self, making it a fundamentally self-destructive ideology.  Suicidal is another word for that.  And self-destructive ideologies are insane.  Property must be subordinate to our right to protect and defend our planet.  

The Planetary Protectorate, to the extent that it follows the Law of the Earth, has the true and valid right and lawful authority to occupy, clear out, and shut down research laboratories used in developing new technologies, and to confiscate, guard, and dismantle equipment used in developing new technology, and to manage and regulate the access to, and use of, such laboratories and equipment.  To put scientific research under the democratic control of We the People.

This may sound extreme, but not doing so is even more extreme, in that it literally dooms us to the extermination or enslavement of our entire species, and possibly the extinction of biological life.  Remember, transhumanism makes no secret of its intention to do this!

Wisdom must gain control over technology.  Wisdom must dominate technology.  Technology must be subordinate to the will of wisdom.

The reverse dooms a civilization to certain collapse.  It is a law of nature.  If you want your civilization to survive, then you must take conscious control of the direction of technological development in your world - it is the only way.

And the only way to do that is to put the equipment and facilities necessary for scientific research under the control of the wisest people in society.  To have a societal system that funnels power toward the Wise, giving Wisdom the stewardhsip of the worlds's technological direction, that it may develop in a direction that ALLOWS LIFE TO CONTINUE ON THE PLANET, and allows our civilization to continue, and allows us, and our children, and our children's children, to live long, happy, fulfilling, natural lives.

Thankfully, we have a system to do exactly that.  It's called the Land Based Successive Delegation electoral system, and it's the process by which the Council Branch of the Planetary Protectorate is elected.  It is designed to maximize wisdom in power structures, to make wisdom the quality that advances people in the power structure-  to make it os that wisdom floats to the top.

In LBSD, the wisest people rise through the ranks of authority.  It gathers wise people, from every village,and funnels them up into power.

The wisest from all the villages run the town.
The wisest from all the towns run the city.
The wisest from all the cities run the region.
And the wisest from all the regions run the civilization, across the planet.

The wise elect the wisest of the wise.
The wisest of the wise elect the wisest of the wisest of the wise.
The wisest of the wisest of the wisest elect the wisest of the wisest of the wisest of the wise.

So tech will be in wise hands.

And any entity that has control of the means of technological development had dang well better be wise, for all of our sakes.