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Formation of the Protectorate

The Protectorate will be formally announced at an event called the First Planetary Congress.

The Congress will receive delegations from existing, benevolent, reputable service organizations in each of the 6 Titles of Law.  

Imagine this:  A negotiating table with six sides:

Title1:  Human Rights organizations
Title2:  Animal Rights organizations
Title3:  Environmental organizations
Title4:  Scientific organizations
Title5:  Existing military powers
Title6:  Spiritual teachers

Each organization will hold an internal election to choose delegates.  

When the Congress convenes, it will elect the Planetary Transition Council to fulfill the function of the High Council in an "acting" capacity.

The PTC will then define the planet's Regions.

Regions are based on natural characteristics of the Earth, with the goal of receiving a Councilmember from as diverse a range of biomes as possible.  Mountainous, oceanic, hot, cold, forest, desert... diversity of experience maximizes wisdom.

After defining Regions, the PTC will appoint one person as Protectorate Organizer for that Region.

That Organizer will go home to his/her Region, and appoint a City Organizer for each City.

Then, each City Organizer will appoint an Organizer for each Township in that city's sphere, who will in turn appoint Organizers for each Village in the sphere of that Township.

Then, the Protectorate Organizers of each Village will convene the first true Village Councils.

Those Village Councils will then elect representatives to their Township, beginning the process of
Land-Based Successive Delegation (LBSD) described earlier.

When this process reaches the top, we will have our first true High Council (no longer merely in an "acting" capacity), and the core structure of the Protectorate will be finished forming. 

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