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The Service Branch


-The global transportation grid

-The global communications grid

-The internet

-Disaster relief

-Humanitarian aid

-Ecological restoration (reforestation, greening deserts, reintroducing endangered species)

-Timekeeping (designing a new, astronomically correct calendar)

-Weights and measures

-Global sports tournaments

-Economic planning

-Public health and disease-control

-Space exploration

*Very important*:  There is no mandate to use force for any Service-related activities, because these activities are not laws, and force may only be used to uphold Law.  That's why the Guardianship and Service branches are distinct.

The Council branch appoints the Chief Guardian and Chief Secretary (the heads of the Guardianship and Service branches), and exercises discretion over all appointments and decisions made within those branches.  These two branches are completely subordinate to the Council.

Each level governs matters within its sphere, with the Council responsible for making decisions, and the Action Branches (Guardianship and Service) responsible for implementing them.


Guardianship sub-branches are called Departments

Service sub-branches are called Ministries. 

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