The Planetary Protectorate

Department of Planetary Law Upholdment

Guide to Investigating Animal Rights Issues

As per Title 5, before any force can be used, the legal nature of the activity must first be discerned.  And this must be done in accordance with Rationality (Title 4).
Preface:  This conversational guide is a resource of suggestion - not a requirement.  The only thing that's mandatory is the Law of the Earth.  When you uphold the law, you may do so in a way that works for you - as long as you're not violating the Law yourself in doing so.  If you need guidance, this can help.
The Questions:
Why are they eating meat?
1.  Is it for Nutritional Need, or Sensory Entertainment?
     If they say "Nutritional Need":
       "What's your process for going about discerning?"
       "How much time did you spend meditating on the subject?"
       "What portion is for nutrition, vs. for entertainment?"
     If they say "Sensory Entertainment"
     If they say "A little of both", or "I don't know"
       "Did you ask yourself this before you ate it?"
       If "no", ask why not.  Do they care? If no, then you're dealing with a
       psychopath, and may proceed to Upholdment Degree 5.
       If they did ask themselves this question, but didn't know how to find
       an answer, then offer them        educational information on nutrition and meditation.  If they display
       interest and a willingness to learn, then they are complying with law.
       But if they're dismissive, and not curious to know more, then you
       may be dealing with a psychopath.  To find out, ask them how they
       feel about the animals. 

"Do you want to let go of your entertainment-based consumption?"
"Would you be willing to reduce your consumption, with the goal of getting as close to "only for nutrition" as possible?"