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The Structure

of the

Planetary Protectorate

This page will explain the basic shape and structure of the Protectorate.

The Protectorate consists of 5 Branches and 5 Levels.

The 5 Branches are:

Council, Assembly, Senate, Guardianship, and Service.

We'll now briefly summarize what each does:

Council is the decision-making branch, with final say over the other four branches.  It is elected through a process called Land-Based Successive Delegation, which ensures the election of individuals based on wisdom, rather than charisma.  This process will be explained in detail on the next page.

Assembly is the emotional branch.  Think of a skilled orator rousing the chamber with a powerful, evocative speech for the ages.  This is the branch for voicing grievances, and feeling represented and heard.  It ensures that the Council stays directly informed of people's needs and feelings.  Assembly is elected through Real-Time Democracy.  This, too, will be explained further in.  Patience :)

Please note, both the Council and the Assembly are elected.  The election systems are different, but both are elected by you.

And the branch that's based on wisdom (Council) overrules (has veto power over) the branch that's based on charisma (Assembly), ensuring that the latter does not hijack the process of decision-making (as it often does in the existing nation-state governments).

Speaking of nation-states... they get to have a voice too.  This is the job of the Senate.  The Senate fulfills a similar role as the assembly - keeping the Council informed of the people's needs - but its members are appointed by the de-facto government in the area - i.e. the "government" that people are already familiar with.  Giving the existing system a voice helps to facilitate a smooth and orderly transition from the old, nation-based system, to the New Civilization governed by the Protectorate.

The Council overrules the Senate, however, because nation-states have no intrinsic authority.  They have valuable knowledge and experience, concerning the land and people they've been governing, and their input is important to listen to.  But they've proven themselves incapable of taking care of this Planet and securing the rights of the Living Beings who live here, and therefore, they've forfeited any true authority they might have once had, and they may now rightfully be placed under the stewardship of wisdom.  It's time to move forward.

The remaining two branches - Guardianship and Service - are the action branches.  They're the doers.  They receive the decisions of Council, and carry them out. 

Guardianship is the branch that upholds the Law of the Earth. Its job is to protect and defend humans, animals, and ecosystems from assault.  It is the branch with the authority to use force, when necessary.  But it may only use force in service to upholding the Law of the Earth - and only in accordance with the protocols of the Law of the Earth. 

Once again, we remind the reader that the Law of the Earth is the natural, intrinsic law - not a man-made creation.  It's not "made" or "passed" or "legislated" by some person or group.  It's a natural phenomenon woven into the fabric of reality.  The Planetary Protectorate did not make the Law - the Law already exists, and all we did was observe and describe it - and we have no authority to fundamentally change it or abolish it.  Nor does anyone.  This prevents tyranny, because, unlike the prior system in which people could "make" their own laws to oppress one another, the Protectorate recognizes that no one has such power - not even us. 

For proof of why the Law of the Earth is true and valid, visit the law's Objections page.

And finally, the Service branch carries out tasks and projects to improve standards of living - to feed the hungry, house the homeless, heal the ill, clean up the environment, educate the unlearned, facilitate transportation and communication, and so forth.  But in contrast to the Guardianship branch, the Service branch does not have authority to use force to achieve its projects.  Since such projects do not involve upholding Law, there is no warrant for using force in service to them.  All activities of the Service branch are voluntary - as is its funding.  Taxation may not be used for funding the Service branch, since taxation is a forceful taking of property, and this branch does not have authority to use force.


Time for a little review: 

Make sense so far?


The precise details of how each branch works will be explained further into the presentation.  Patience :)

Now it's time for the 5 Levels.

The 5 Levels of government are:

The Village

The Township

The City

The Eco-Region

The Planet

And how do the Branches interact with the Levels?  Simple!  Each Level is a fractal of all the others, and contains the same structure of 5 Branches. 

All 5 Branches are reiterated at each Level.

In other words, this chart sums it up:

The next page will explain each level...

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