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The Council Branch

with an outline of

Land-Based Successive Delegation

The only thing keeping power benevolent is wisdom.  All power must be founded on wisdom - it's the lifeblood of good decision-making and governance.  Without wisdom, no system can endure for long - no matter how clever its design.

Past system-designers, like the framers of the U.S. Constitution, assumed humans would be corrupt, selfish, and evil, and designed systems to keep their selfishness in check, by pitting one selfish impulse against another, in a bid to have them cancel each other out.

But in reality, no system can stand indefinitely against evil, if it allows enough evil people into power.

A truly effective system must stop such people from rising through the ranks in the first place.  That's the only way.

And Land-Based Progressive Delegation is the optimal way to maximize the accompaniment of power by wisdom.  

All true decision-making power in the Protectorate rests with Council, and every process related to Council - from its election to its deliberation - is designed to maximize the amount of wisdom animating the process.

The basic building-block of the whole process is Village Council.

This takes place:

-Outdoors (barring inclement weather), under open sky - a major source of wisdom
-In the Village Green, the center of the village, the most balanced focal-point of the village's collective consciousness
-On grass or bare soil, allowing a direct, physical connection to the Planet
-Surrounded by trees - another primary source of wisdom
-In a circle - the most balanced, equitable arrangement for deliberation
-After a group meditation, maximizing clear-mindedness before any discussion

Whoever this Council elects to climb the next rung of the ladder - to represent the Village at the Township Council - will have been elected by the uttermost wisdom-inducing process that can possibly happen.  She/he will be the "cream of the crop" - not a "politician", but a truly wise individual - the wisest the Village has.

Thus, a Township Council will consist of the wisest individuals from every Village in the sphere of that Township.

And it will elect the wisest individual to proceed up the ladder, to City Council.

And so forth.  

As the process reaches the top, the High Council consists of the wisest individuals on the planet.  

The average citizen can trust that they're being faithfully represented because everyone who casts a vote, for anyone, at any level of the ladder, is casting a vote for someone whom they personally know, and have interviewed and conversed with, face to face, many times, extensively, for months or even years.  There are no "politicians" in this system; those are for Assembly, which has no official power, being completely subordinate to Council.

Whoever you elect to climb up the ladder is someone you know personally.  And whoever they elect to climb the ladder is someone they know personally.

If you know and trust Person A, and Person A knows and trusts Person B, then you can rest assured that Person B is trustworthy.

And thus, we can have the highest degree of confidence and trust in the people governing us, at every level of the structure.

Simple.  Durable.  Sustainable.  Common sense!

Council is comprised of 15 to 30 members.  This is the perfect size for debate - large enough to feature a full range of viewpoints, and small enough to maintain an intimate, friendly conversational flow, without the need for formal parliamentary procedures.


  To discern to the will of the Earth, and communicate it to humanity.  



1.  Stewarding the publication of the Law of the Earth

-the only body that can edit it

-may expand on a particular detail

-may update the language, for clarity 

-may not change the Law's fundamentals


  2.  Acting as the "Final Court of Appeals"

-the final arbiting body in disputes over the Law


3.  May veto any action of any other Branch of government.

-High Council is supreme because of its foundation

in indigenous Earth Wisdom (see "Election" below)








Meeting Places

-No permanent seat

-Travels, around the world

Meets in places of beauty and natural purity.  
The purest places on Earth.

Picture of council seated in really awesome place


To preserve the Council's:

Inspiration (by being in great places)

Wisdom (by being in natural and pure places)

Open-mindedness (by seeing many parts of the planet)


Council chooses the places.  

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