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The Earth Party will be established simultaneously in every country.

It will have the same message in every country.

Everyone knows exactly what the Party stands for, at all times.

It stands for:

1. Recognizing the Law of the Earth

2. Membership in the Planetary Protectorate.

Nothing else!

It is neither Leftist, nor Rightist, nor Centrist.  Instead, it stands for Truth, with no dependence on binary politics.  This allows it to appeal to everyone, without turning anyone away.

Humanity today is frustrated, desperate, disillusioned, and crying out for change - REAL change.

We're angry.  We're marching, shouting, protesting.  But everyone's asking for just one piece of the puzzle.  They can't get it, because they're not asking for enough.  We need to be bolder, and put all the pieces together.

Protest movements keep failing because there's no unifying message - no *coherent vision* for humanity's future.  We know what we don't want - but what do we want?

The Master Plan for the New Civilization is that vision.

Once the Earth Party announces its presence, all the isolated, disparate, single-issue movements can coalesce into ONE.  The people-power will be immense.  The energy exists - it just hasn't been tapped.  Or it has been tapped - but not channeled and directed.

One fist is stronger than five fingers.  The Earth Party unites us all, under one banner.  

The banner of:

-honoring the sovereignty of all people,

-recognizing the sentience of all living beings, and

-respecting the integrity of the biosphere.

For the Party's publicity, we will distribute:

-Copies of the Law of the Earth (The "Little Green Book")

-Hats saying "Make Earth Green Again" or #MEGA (a parody of the Trump hats)

-The Great Seal of the Protectorate as a translucent Facebook profile picture filter

Is this idea too bold to succeed?

It will succeed precisely because of how bold it is.

Because in times like these, only something this bold can.

Thank you for reading.


The Planetary Protectorate declares this planet LIBERATED, from ALL forms of oppression and cruelty.  All actors engaged in such actvity shall cease, immediately, and unconditionally.  Anyone who continues will face arrest.

From this point on, no further assaults upon the life, sovereignty, inalienable rights, or habitat of life, will be tolerated.

It is time for all of us on this planet to unite together, regardless of nation, and stand up, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The nations of the world have utterly failed to obey the planet’s law.  They have flaunted it at every turn, and even tried to replace it with a self-made version of their own.  They are derelict in their duty to respect the web of life, and they are traitors to their own planet.  Any nation that claims to make its own law is in rebellion against the Earth.  Whatsoever nation puts its own interests and agenda above the Earth, that nation is engaged in high treason – treason against Life itself.

We, the millennial generation of humanity, are calling for the return of Order.  As the inheritors of the mess of existential crises left to us by the ignorance, complacency, and greed of the dying civilization around us, we demand an immediate and unconditional surrender of all forces in rebellion against the planet and the planet’s law.  If no surrender is made, then we have the inalienable right to defend ourselves, our brethren, and our biosphere.

The time when nations could do as they wish, in reckless disregard for life, liberty, and compassionate stewardship – the time when might made right, and the powerful could trample the simple – those days of anarchy are finished.

No matter how great your technology, no matter how many weapons you have, the world cannot hold together without compassion, liberty, and an unwavering respect for Nature and the interconnectedness of all Life.

This is not a battle of man against man; it is a war of intelligence against idiocy, sanity against insanity, a test of whether humanity is able to secure a sustainable model of civilization, or fall into the dustbin of failed species alongside the dinosaurs.

We are staring down the barrel of failure as a species.

There is only one way to survive:  by acknowledging the one, true law, the eternal law.

And in the spirit of transition, humanity needs a clean slate.  A fresh start.  So all of us are called upon to forgive eachother.  For everything.  Everything that’s ever happened or been done.  Humanity was brainwashed, we are mislead, fooled, duped into believing false laws for millennia, and so it’s understandable that a lot of us would end up being so confused.  So let’s not hold it against eachother anymore.  Let’s give eachother a second chance.

As a way of celebrating the auspicious dawn of a New Civilization, it is the will of Life that there be a global, universal Jubilee.

All outstanding debts are hereby discharged, erased, and forgiven, for every person on the planet who ceases their rebellion against the Earth.  Everything you did before you received your reminder about the Law of the Earth, you are forgiven for.  Immediately, unconditionally, and completely.

The Consciousness of the Earth calls upon every man, woman, and child to put aside differences, let go of grievances, forgive one another, and cooperate for a smooth transition to a sustainable, liberated, compassionate civilization.  A Love-based civilization.


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