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Levels of Government

in the Planetary Protectorate

1.  Village

The Village is the original social unit of humankind.  We've been living in villages, and arranging our society based on the village, since the very beginning.  Only very recently did we stop.  And this has taken a heavy toll on us, economically, psychologically, and spiritually.  It's time to bring back the Village.

What defines a Village?  Traditionally, it's easy to spot:  a cluster of houses surrounded by wilderness and/or farmland.  It's easy to see:

But in modern suburbs and cityscapes - which were designed without any awareness of true human needs - it's more difficult to distinguish.  In these landscapes, a village might be:

A.  A few adjacent blocks of suburban houses

B.  One city block of rowhouses

C.  One high-density apartment building

It's up to each local community to define.  Neighbors will have to come together to establish which Village is which. 


The only criteria required are:

1.  All dwellings in the Village Center are within shouting distance of one another.

2.  All outlying dwellings are within easy walking distance of the Village Center.

3.  There is a central gathering space, where the full village can assemble. 

4.  All pathways within the village (between dwellings) are public, and unobstructed.

The process of defining it may be a bit messy in the beginning, but such was inevitable the moment the human landscape was disturbed by unconscious industrialism.  The Protectorate didn't break it - but we're going to put it back together.

The purpose of the Village is to meet our basic economic and socializing needs.  It's the smallest unit at which these needs can be met.  Every Village has the goal of self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, and interpersonal relationship - and the Protectorate will be re-arranging economic systems in order to facilitate this process.

When all of our basic needs can be met within walking distance of where we sleep, we are no longer at the mercy of big corporations or distant bureaucracies.  This is what true independence looks like.

If you're having trouble understanding why it's so important to restore Village life, click here.


Population: 50-300
The size of most human communities,
throughout the bulk of our species' evolution.

Benefits of Villageship:
1.  Authority to hold Land Council (necessary for any alteration of land)
2.  Ability to vote for Town Council, and all higher administrative levels

Village Requirements

To have legal standing in the Planetary Protectorate,
a village must satisfy these criteria:

90% of residents' food grown locally, within walking distance...

touching no motorized or industrial transportation on way from soil to plate.

Yes, this is possible NOW, for ANYONE:

Village Green:

near center, no fences or pavement cross it, and which everyone in village is allowed to be in, 24 hours a day

safe and well-taken care of enough that people can walk barefoot

Picture of village green, with huts/houses aorund it, and trees in middle, and one main tree

6.  Village Heart Tree:

near center of village

7.  Village Council, meets under/around village Tree

These requirements help ensure that we stay connected to the land, and capable of proper stewardship.

Village Boundaries

Two types:  Urban Villages (boundaries touch) and Forest Villages.


Forest Village:

wilderness in between villages.

Picture:  concentric circles to show difference between village proper, and land under protection of village.  

area under protection (land council arbitration jurisdiction)
extends to halfway point with next village (on flat land) and any land that drains onto it (hilly/mountainous areas) up to the boundary of the next village up

Picture of village, another village on flat, and a mountain on other side

Arrow pointing to highest village:  the guardian of the valley

the village responsible for making sure the land above it stays pure.   

Urban Villages

are a city/suburban block.

picture of suburb block with arrow showing village green,

(all fences must be taken down)

arrow showing roads run only around perimeter and not through it. 

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