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What is the Planetary Protectorate?

​​The Planetary Protectorate is the social manifestation of the self-preserving intelligence of the planet.

Wherever there is Life, there is Consciousness,
and wherever there is Consciousness, there is Intelligence.

This Intelligence is self-preserving, and seeks to protect its safety and integrity.

Planetary Intelligence extends into the minds of all creatures who live here.  From the lowly earthworm, to human beings; every being is aware of their connection with the greater sphere of Life that constitutes our beloved Planet.  

If something threatens the stability of the biosphere, and jeopardizes the balance of Nature itself, then the intelligence of Life on Earth will manifest in the hearts of all beings, and organize into a form wielding authority and power in human society, that it may realign societies into forces of protection and defense of the biosphere's integrity. 

Beings who are awakened to the mind of the Planet, and therefore aware of the situation, will wish to take action on the Planet's behalf.  Some will act individually, but others may wish to unite into groups, to gain power and effectiveness through numbers. 

Once organized, these defensive forces may wish to unite together, under one banner and one collective consciousness, to maximize their efficiency, coordination, and potency.


The Planetary Protectorate is this meta-organization, uniting and commanding the planetary defense forces to save the biosphere, and uphold the Rights of all beings within it.  

Planetary Governance


The Planetary Protectorate is the true, legitimate government of the planet. 

Such authority is derived from the Protectorate's recognition of the planet's natural law, also called The Law of the Earth.  This law is not "passed" or "legislated" by anyone, but rather built in to the structure of reality itself.  It's a natural phenomenon, like mathematics and physics, which human beings can observe, study, and describe - but not create, alter, or abolish. 

The Law of the Earth consists of six sections:

1.  Human Rights

2.  Animal Rights

3.  Ecology

4.  Rationality (how to determine the application of law)

5.  Upholdment (how to uphold/enforce the Law)

6.  Forgiveness

To read the Law of the Earth, you can visit the website:

Because the Protectorate recognizes the Law, and the existing major social structures (nation-states) mostly do not, the Protectorate has authority to govern, and even to overrule the wills and dictates of those structures, in service to the upholdment of the Law.

The Protectorate has authority to govern with force, ***ONLY IN SERVICE TO UPHOLDING THE LAW OF THE EARTH***.   This authority extends only as far as it aligns with Law, and not beyond.  The Protectorate does NOT have authority to enforce the wills, whims, or desires of any person or group.

This restraint prevents tyranny and oppression, in direct contrast to the existing social structures (nation-states), which claim the (false) authority to write "laws" based on their own desires. 

To learn more about the legitimacy of the Law of the Earth, you can visit the Objections page on the law's website.  If you're having trouble with the concept of Natural Law, and you still believe that nation-states are the ultimate source of law, morality, and authority, then you can probably find your  arguments addressed on the Objections Page.

On behalf of Planet Earth, and all Living Beings here-upon, The Planetary Protectorate wishes to welcome you to the New Civilization of Humanity - a world in which the fundamental rights of all beings are respected and upheld, sustainably and powerfully, for the upcoming aeons. 

If you are a passionate, morally aware person, then please get involved with our efforts to Restore Justice to Planet Earth.

To begin learning about the Protectorate, start here.

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