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"I don't want world government!  What makes you think world government won't lead to tyranny?"

Planetary government is inevitable.  The only question is what kind it will be. 

If we let it form unconsciously, in an ad-hoc manner, by accident... then we're rolling the dice.

But if we design it consciously, we can make sure it respects the rights of all.

The best way to predict the future is to design it.
Buckminster Fuller

"OK,  but what makes you think THIS system - this "Planetary Protectorate" thing - is the best system?  What prevents tyranny in this system?"


Just one thing, but it's the most important of all:

The Law of the Earth.


The Protectorate is based around a central Governing Creed, which forms the heart of the Protectorate.  This creed is memorized, sworn, and recited by every officer thereof:


The Protectorate:

1.  ...Exists to uphold the Law of the Earth

2.  ...Derives authority from its acknowledgement of the Law

3.  ...Has no authority to use force for any purpose beyond upholding the Law

4.  ...Cannot change the Law


"But why/how does the Law of the Earth prevent tyranny?"

The Law always honors the Liberty of a peaceful person, and so cannot be used in service to a tyrant.

Since the law cannot be changed, no matter how much power a leader accumulates, he can never change the Law, and thus, the veneer of moral legitimacy that all historical dictators were able to conjure will always escape any demagogue who violates the unchanging Law.

Every despotic system that ever existed shared one thing in common:  They all treated Law as if it were something that can be created by Man, and changed on his whim. They all granted human beings the godlike power to change the definition of Right and Wrong.

Sometimes it was just one person, wearing a crown.   Later, it was 51% of the population.  But in both systems, people - mere people - were claiming the authority to set the definition of morality for other people.

They were not claiming to have discovered the law, as this writer has; they were literally claiming to make it.

And so, if a leader or officeholder wanted to do something immoral, he simply changed the definition of moral (in people's minds), by passing "legislation."  And since the people hallucinated him to have such authority, their own morality collapsed in tandem with his, and gas chambers and gulags became possible.

Both monarchy and democracy got it wrong.  We cannot change the definition of right and wrong for each other, and we cannot make laws for each other. None of us have that authority.  And if none of us have it, we cannot "elect" or "delegate" it to a representative.  This is pure mathematical truth:  We cannot give someone something we don't have!

If we don't have a yacht, we cannot give our representative a yacht. 

If we don't have the authority to change the definition of right and wrong, we cannot give such a thing to a representative.


This fundamental misunderstanding was the rotting core of almost all societies, including the modern one.  When a house is built on sand, it is bound to fall apart, and absolutely nothing can be done to fix it - as long as sand remains its footing.

Nothing else we do can overcome our challenges if we don't fix this one crucial mistake.  We must recognize the Law of the Earth as the true and only Law on this planet: eternal, unchanging, and superseding all man-made institutions in perpetuity.

This is mandatory, no matter what governance model is eventually adopted.  All attempts to build a civilization will fail, if they claim the false authority to make one man lord of another, and to change the definition of morality by the force of their own consensus.  Such attempts will end in either chaos or tyranny.

ALL of them.

Basing government on a foundation of immutable law makes tyranny impossible.  All tyranny proceeds from the philosophical error that people create law, and if no one ascribes that power to anyone, tyranny cannot happen.

Recognizing the Law of the Earth is the ONLY way.

1. Every Protectorate office displays the Law, printed in full, on its wall.

2. Every Protectorate officer carries the Law on their person, ALWAYS while on duty.

3. Every person will be reminded of it, from kindergarten onward, so none can forget.

4. Every person will be given a copy of the Law.

5. The Law is present and undeniable, in every interaction involving the Protectorate.

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